Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Trial & Error

I finally got a Knit a Mile High button on my site, but I don't think the image shows up. The "help" section on this site leaves much to be desired in helping me! :(

Last night, I started a pair of socks in camo Bernat Hot Sox for my son. He's six and is really into either soldier or cowboy stuff right now. The pattern I'm using is just the Bernat socks leaflet that I picked up somewhere.

Still waiting for my next SOTM package to arrive. It's so exciting! Like Christmas every month, all year long.

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Anonymous said...


I found your picture problem. You need to upload the image to some photo hosting site. Does Blogger host photos? What does it tell you to do to post pics in your blog posts? Once you upload your image to a site you reference the web address, not the place you saved it on your hard drive.

I hope that helps,