Monday, October 27, 2014

Again ...

Funny how I always have the best intentions when saying I'm going to start blogging more ... Oh, well. It's nothing I should beat myself up over. :)

There have been so many changes in my life over the last couple years, I feel as though I'm starting all over again with everything. Maybe with me. Probably especially with me. Learning who I am, how much I can handle before I break ... before I push back ... if I can get back up ...

Well, I've learned I'm stronger than I sometimes think I am, and I know I'll always be able to get back up. I've been reminded so often that positive thinking goes a long way in overcoming a difficult situation, and that I really do know how to laugh, and I'm learning to smile on the inside again, too. For all this, and even for the events that have caused me to get lost on my journey, I am thankful.

Knitting has remained a constant in my life since a month or so before I left the living situation with my ex. It took me so much longer to get to a point where I could get through any amount of time without thinking about him and us, but I am now pretty content with that chapter being over. I knew this time would come, but man! It took it's sweet time coming! LOL!

I have a lot of other things going on in my life now, and I'm far from where I want to be, but I'm starting to be "who" I want to be again. Praise God for that! In the last couple months, my knitting time has be decreased significantly! That makes me sad, but it's reinforced in me that I never want to go without knitting again. I can't. When everything around me is chaos, knitting calms my soul.

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who feels this way! I've made a wonderful friend on Ravelry, and Lori truly is my BFF now! If only in my mind LOL! Actually, she has been there for me through a lot since we started talking earlier this year, and she's been a huge blessing! I only hope I can be there fore her when she needs me, as well.

Just this past week we started up a group on Ravelry Sock Sampler KALs. She was worried that we would be the only ones in the group. I told her then we would just motivate and cheer each other on! LOL! At this moment, and in three days, we have 12 other members, and I think this will work out great! I'm excited to have a group with the sock/shawl/etc. variety we are craving. I want to challenge myself to keep knitting socks (I'd been falling into a small rut there), and yet continue knitting shawls, which are my new passion!

I'd wanted to knit a shawl for SOOO long! I'm so glad I finally did. While they sometimes require a lot of attention, they are very calming to me.

Well, there is so much more to say, and pictures I want to post ... but it's bedtime for my lil guy. Whether he agrees or not! :) BTW -- he turned 4 on the 15th of this month! WOW!

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