Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Happy Day!

Well, it is. I'm making new friends. Ditched work for a little bit this morning (to go to the yarn store!).

Have a trip planned this weekend to go to Lambspun (Fort Collins, CO) with Lisa, my new knitting buddy who I've met through the RAOK and I Knit A Mile High web rings.

And I've learned how to get the link to another site into my posts. (See "Lisa" above.)

Now ... how cool is all that?

I HAD to buy some more circs to work my mittens on. I'd been using 16-inch addis for them and a pair of socks for my son ... but my hands hurt! The tips are just too short, and they rub my hands wrong. It's just not as as enjoyable to work on your project like that .... "Knit, purl, ouch! Knit, purl, ouch!"

1 comment:

Gina said...

You bad girl! I hope your boss and coworkers don't read your blog, or you will be snagged. ;-)