Wednesday, October 13, 2004

I Love Fall!

I really do love Fall. I love the cool temperatures, the sometimes cloudy and overcast days (like today), and I like to see if get dark earlier. Call we weird. It takes all sorts, though, huh?

Last night I meant to get some pictures up of my mitten in progress and my weekend purchases from Lambspun. However, Time did not allow that to happen. Imagaine that! My goal is to have something uploaded at least by this weekend.

Haven't really had much knitting time the last couple of days. Too much going on with the kids. HOWEVER .... on Friday I will be traveling to the Denver Zoo with my son for his field trip. AND ... I will be riding the bus. SO ... (if I don't go insane!) I plan on getting a bit of knitting done during travel time. Hopefully ...


Anonymous said...

Fall is my favourite season too. I love the crisp, clean air, especially when accompanied by clear blue skies. Is there anything more gorgeous than fall colours against a cloudless sky? Sleeping with the window open a crack so you wake up toasty but with a cold nose... Mmmmm.


Anonymous said...

I usually love fall, and winter. I look cold weather clothes, and cuddling. Today I just can't get warm no matter what I do, it's awful. I'm thinking I need another day or two of warm before I will be prepared for cold this year.