Monday, November 08, 2004

In the Knit of Things

To some it may seem a little scary, but I bet I'm thinking about knitting or knitting-related subjects at least 75% of the time. WOW! There are much worse addictions, don't you agree?

Okay. So I took a vacation from the socks I was re-knitting. Instead, I'm working on the Cascading Leaves pattern by Jeanie Townsend. WONDERFUL lady! If you are into knitting socks at all, you just HAVE to check out this group: Townsend Socks Knit Along.

I'm using a yarn that I received in a bottle swap a while back. It's working up great. My daughter had picked out the yarn for socks for her, and I think she will be very happy with the final product.

I had an Avon booth at a craft show this weekend. I think things went very well. If you've ever thought about selling Avon, or if you just love to use their products yourself, click on my link to the left for more information.


Rachel said...

Isn't the Townsend Sock knitalong wonderful? I wish I had more time to keep up with all of the patterns that Jeanie is writing. I just finished my first Cascading leaves sock over the weekend, and cast on for #2. I'm using Cervinia Calzetteria #907 for mine, what yarn are you using?

Beth said...

Dahling! How can you think of knitting ONLY 75% of the time? Are you saying it's not all consuming for you, as it is for me? I fall asleep thinking about it, I wake up thinking about it. While in the shower ... while at work (especially at work)...

And yes, there are many addictions that are much worse!


Anonymous said...

I was thinking about knitting, and it's been a while since I emailed or chatted with you, so I thought I'd type a "hi there!" to you and let you know I'm thinking of you, and knitting, and of course...Lambspun. I hope you're doing well!

Take care!

(Knotted Pixie: